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Get your project planned
You, as a Project Creator, should put your concept and idea into words for our assessment and feasibility study. From our experience, it is always easier to use simple wording to describe your thoughts. Step by step is always the clear and straightforward approach. No need to impress us or anyone yet. For a better result, images with narrative always help the readers to understand.
Write-up and visualize your plan
To make your project more interesting and draw attention from the Project Backers, it always works if you can provide a video about your idea and/or prototype of your product (if any). The idea is the make things more solid, interactive and leave an impression to the Project Backers. They might not back you for the first look but the more interesting it is, the higher chances you may get. The video could be from 30 second to 3 minutes (maximum) and put yourself in a position like watching a movie trailer. One more tip, it is always useful to write down the script if you will present the idea by yourself in the video.
Set your funding goal
Integrate project idea to feasible project is important, it relies on determination of the amount of funding needs, timeline of the entire campaign, and level of rewards offer to the Project Backers. We will discuss and guide each Project Creator to set realistic funding goals in terms of budget, timeline and backer rewards.
Market your project
Once requested fund are determined, it is time to launch your project. Your project will be broadcast at the Get Set Goal’s website and Facebook for public announcement and viewing. We suggest you to “share” and “tag” your friends for more support. Incentive on further tagging on your friends’ friends are highly recommended.

In certain occasion (if budget allows), we would suggest to use a small amount of budget to boost up the sponsored posting on Facebook and get more exposure.
Once your project has reached the minimum required funding from Project Backers, it is time to declare the project is goaled. However, if your minimum goal is not reached by end of the deadline, all the money will be returned to Project Backers. Vice versa, if your project reaches and over the set amount, your project can continue to accept backing and/or donation until the funding deadline.
Reward is the incentive from the Project Creators to the Project Backers to celebrate the funding achievement on your project. The rewards could be the end product, unique souvenirs, or even a unique experience to the Project Backers that related to your campaign.
It is important to keep your Project Backers informed about the progress of your project from time to time. Periodic photos and/or video on the progress (such as the making of) is always a good and effective way to keep the Project Backers in the loop. Delivery of backer rewards is also our concern. Get Set Goal and our Category Directors / Project Coaches will advice on every reward delivery.
Hall of Fame
All funded projects will be displayed on Get Set Goal’s Hall of Fame. We love to show all those elements as an encouragement and inspiration to other new Project Creators and Project Backers.