Get-Set-Goal is the destination for project creators with our goals and commitments – “above 90% successful pledge rate for student projects”. Our dedicated team of Category Directors and Project Coaches all come with the expertise and experiences in Arts, Design, Education, Fashion, Music, Publishing, Small Businesses, etc. Respecting and preserving the creativity and originality behind each project, our team provides guidelines, advice and coaching to help creators set realistic pledging goals on budgets, rewards and timeline. Legal perspective including Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, is an important coverage to protect Project Creators and backers.

Each goal would not be successful without backers’ support. Get-Set- Goal understands the expectation of backers, who share the values of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Rewards, a non-financial nature in this platform, should be delivered within the time frame and performance as pledged. Get-Set-Goal’s priorities are Quality and Delivery of Project and Rewards --- we care for the sustainability of the platform to support Project Creators as well as our credibility.